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Onlyfans Jasmin Jnad or Traprapunzel - 1

Jasmin Jnad aka Traprapunzel or ttraprapunzel is a famous instagram model from Syria. Selling her nudes on her onlyfans.

A big beautiful woman with dusky eyes and busty boobs! And her middle eastern looks on her face is so damn hot! On top of that she can twerk that ass like professional. Fuck a girl like traprapunzel is a dream for every guy.

In this thread we (me and you) will be posting about traprapunzel's leaked nudes from her onlyfans and other sources. I managed to get hands on her leaked sextape with a black guy. Also i like the fact that she likes to take things in her ass. Absolutely loved the anal dildo video of traprapunzel. Mmm and that fat pussy she has is absolutely awesome.

As usual lets start with her nude photos first!​

because why not..

Eh7urOYU8AAFaTs.jpeg ElNUsFcXgAEN8QR.jpeg ElNVmlfUUAAmvn9.jpeg Elun8K0UYAACJd3.jpeg ElSv8wKUwAEIppb.jpeg ElSv8wLVMAAQYvk.jpeg ElhdyEbVkAAJa-o.jpeg ElhdyEyU4AATiH-.jpeg images (1) (1).jpeg
Jasmin Jnad
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