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FAQ How to properly make REQUESTS? Read Here!

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Mar 4, 2021
If you want to make a request properly, you may follow the procedure below!

Usage of Thread Prefix​

You should specify the type of the request by selecting any of the suitable prefix, such as Patreon, Onlyfans, etc.

Usage of Names/Usernames at Thread Title​

You may only put the username and name of the model. If you are requesting Onlyfans put the Onlyfans username which is the end of the url onlyfans.com/username and the name of the model which she/he is known for.


Example: "<onlyfans username> / <name>"

Usage of Keywords​

Include some information about the model in few sentences. Usage of words like "leaked nudes", "nude leaks", "Onlyfans nudes", "Patreon nudes" and something similar is recommended. It will help to make your request more visible to others.

Usage of Images/Medias​

Since this is a community website, everyone can contribute to the request on their own will. So you may put some images or videos to pique other's interest in your request.

Put Links at Appropriate Boxes​

You may put the the social media and other links of the model to the post, appropriate place for putting the links are already here, below the "attach files" button.

That's all everyone, Have a good one!
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