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Bridgette is sexy as a blonde and as a brunette


Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? If you ask men, there is an answer to this question. According to many researches conducted by a team of scientists, blondes are better in bed and they are willing to try new things in sex. Today, we present you one of the hottest blondes in the porn industry - Bridgette B. Bridgette has adventurous spirit and she loves sex so much. Her lovers say that she is amazing in bed. Have you ever watched
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? If you did, you had a chance to see her in action. Bridgette is very sexy blonde, she is also known as Spanish Doll and she is strong, self-confident woman from Barcelona. Her hair color improved her career and she feels natural as a blonde. She knows that porn star should always try hard to look better and to perform better in order to keep a job.

Hair color has a big impact on how someone feels, and it's almost unbelievable how many women have confirmed that they feel different as blondes. She changes her hair color from time to time, but she feels the most powerful as blonde. She had a boob job in 2009 and since then she is more popular than ever.

Bridgette B Naked DVD - Blonde or brunette?​

One in twenty brunettes remarked that she was not taken seriously as a blonde. On the other side, brunettes have more intelligence and taste. A study involving more than three thousand women found that women starts to experiment with hair color around the age of 21. Most women stated that they dye their hair because their natural color is neither blonde or dark. More than half of women think that men fantasize more about blondes, but as many as 80 percent of women think that brunettes are more faithful wives. The same number believes that brunettes are better friends and that it is easier to have better career. Bridgette B is also a brunette in some of her movies, what do you think, is she hotter as a blonde or as a brunette?